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How Volunteering in Your RC Community Can Benefit your Health

Yesterday, October 10, was World Mental Health Day and as we’ve previously emphasised the biggest step in raising awareness for mental illness is to start a conversation (read the full article here). So in order to do that, HobbyKing News wants to focus and dedicate much of its content this week to improve mental health, particularly within the RC community.

Keeping healthy is not just about your physical health but is also inclusive of your mental wellbeing, so it is paramount that you take the time to look after yourself. Sometimes looking after yourself, means looking after others. According to mental health experts, the act of volunteering can improve both your mental and physical health. Studies have shown that the empathetic response to volunteering increases happiness and thus reduces depression.

hobbyking volunteering Not only is volunteering helpful in improving your overall happiness, but a study from 2012 has shown that the life expectancy of volunteers is longer than those who don’t volunteer. This is mainly due to the fact that for volunteers feelings of loneliness and stress are lower than those who don’t volunteer.

There are many ways in which you can help your community, whether it be helping out a local school, local clean up the streets day or even helping out at your local clubs. These are all ways to improve your overall health.

As a company, HobbyKing prides itself on the work we do to assist local communities. Only recently, HobbyKing used our HobbyKing Live (aka Festival of Flight) Event in the UK to raise over £1,400 for East Anglian Air Ambulance.

In a thank you letter sent by East Anglian Air Ambulance’s team, they said of their work “(We) started 18 years ago, flying just 1 day a week from Norwich Airport. We’ve since gone from strength to strength and now have 2 state of the art helicopters – flying across 4 regions – 365 days of the year!”

The money they received from our donation will go towards helping them maintain their state of the art equipment, and increase their services, in order to help save more lives than ever.

See how you too can help your local community, it can not only save other’s lives but your own too. Continue the conversation at our HobbyKing Community Facebook page or in the comments box below.


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