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Unboxing – HobbyKing S550 Hexcopter Combo

Quality of parts

It’s immediately obvious when unpacking the box that the parts have been finished really nicely with no flashing on the plastic arms or excess on the carbon fibre parts. The engines and ESCs are also presented nicely and the wires have been cut to size quite well. There will be little excess wiring left over when installing them, making for a really neat build.

The engines and ESCs are popular in the multirotor community because of their low cost and reasonably good quality. The engine, ESCs and props have been matched for you to deliver efficient running and when combined with the BLHeli firmware should deliver nice linear control of the engines and in turn, a smooth flight.


  • Nicely finished parts
  • Good value for money parts and electronics
  • The power distribution board is built in
  • The arms are surprisingly strong


  • This is not really a negative: no instructions for beginners. Only an explosion diagram is included which is enough for someone with a little experience.
  • No USB cable supplied to solder to the top plate

As you can see, you’re really getting good bang for your buck! As a first hexacopter this airframe and electronics are a nice combination to provide you with a positive experience.

Having the electronics and prop matched for you takes the guess work out of building something efficient.

I can’t wait to start the build and start testing to see flight times and more importantly, some really nice aerial shots!

Written by Thomas


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