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Turnigy Nano-Tech Plus

Turnigy Nano-Tech Plus: Packed With Power

A few months ago I received a Nano-Tech Plus pack to test for HobbyKing, a 2200 4S Turnigy 70-150C Nano-Tech battery to be specific. I was looking forward to testing this pack to see how it compares to its predecessors and the current technology packs on the market.

With any review or battery testing, I always start by testing the IR with the golden standard of IR meters, a Wayne Giles Lipo ESR meter. This gives me an immediate idea about whether or not I should be excited about what may come from the pack or whether it will be a complete was of my time.

My ESR testing is always as close to 72F as possible and I was pleased that these show to only be just a few C behind the world-class Turnigy Graphene packs. This definitely puts them ahead of all other standard lipo packs that I have tested. Oh boy, this is going to be FUN.

Turnigy Nano-Tech Plus After only a few backyard flights, I could instantly tell that the Turnigy 70-150C Nano-Tech batteries are my go-to packs for my higher performance park fliers where 3 to 4-minute discharges are common. They came down cooler than any other regular lipo’s in my rotation, outside of the Graphene and Panther packs but those don’t fit some of my planes due to the slightly larger size of those packs.

I also use these in my little 4S 2200 brushless boat. My buddies and I use the same make/model boats for fun racing action and they could not believe a purple shrink Turnigy Nano-Tech pack could deliver the speed that it did. Being that at the time of testing these batteries, they had not been released yet I pulled the label off so they had no idea it was the new 70-150C pack that I was testing for HobbyKing and, of course, no way was I going to tell them. They are probably reading this now, very jealous that I got to test it before release.

Bottom line? If you are looking for a slightly smaller pack than a Turnigy Graphene or Panther pack but still deliver almost the same performance, then they Nano-Tech Plus may fit your ticket…and your wallet.

Written by Rampman


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