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The Tiny Whoop 101

Written by 100Epic

Have you been accused of being an armchair pilot? Ever wanted to achieve Air Dominance in your own living room? Wanted to fly even though the weather outside is horrible? Well, then the Tiny Whoop/Inductrix is for you! It is the biggest fun you will find in a tiny quadcopter. It is a stable indoor fpv platform that just begs for you to customize it and make it your own. There are several popular mods available that really make this quad leap into a league of its own.

Let’s first review what a Tiny Whoop is just incase you have been living under a rock. The Tiny Whoop originated from Jesse Perkins, a member of the Colorado based FPV team “BIG Whoop”. It all started when Jesse took a stock Inductrix and strapped an AIO micro FPV camera on top and created the best indoor FPV experience one can have. From there it became a sensation; MOD and the Tiny Whoop’s popularity spurted a whole new level of even more mods. Let’s go over the most popular and best mods for your buck.

The Quanum Elite/FXT micro combo is perfect for this application. With a 600TVL camera, 25mw of transmitting power, and over 40 available channels, this is the go to cam over other lower power and res options. The Quanum micro ties right into the 3.7v battery power of the Tiny Whoop.

Racing around the dining table, over appliances, and up the staircase now make the “Star Wars” death run seem like child’s play. With a micro SD card and a capable pair of goggles for display, you can even record your amazing flying skills. The “Mullet MOD” takes it one step further by showing you how to separate the Quanum Tiny Combo into a separate camera and VTX. By laying the VTX down, the Tiny Whoop becomes extremely aerodynamic and streamlined. Also the VTX antenna is moved out of harm’s way in case of a crash or mishap. And then, you can finish it off with a new DIY body shell. This body shell not only protects your Tiny Whoop, but brings the cool factor to a new level!

Now of course some will want to go faster and fly longer. No problem, there are 3 levels of motor upgrade options. The -11 motors, will give you a tad more power and some extra runtime, making them a great upgrade over stock motors for those new to FPV flying. The -14 “FAST” motors are the most popular, giving a responsive throttle feel and making the Inductrix feel the same as before a 5g FPV system was strapped to the top. Next is the -16 or “insane” motors reserved for those that just want speed, the trade off is flight time dropping from a few minutes to just 30 seconds or so.

Next, there is the battery, the stock 150mah battery gives the stock quad a few good minutes of flight time. But with FPV gear added the power needed for agile fpv flight required an upgrade to restore its flight time. There are a number of vendors offering a range of hop up batteries from 180~205mah. The best found is the 200mah having the best flight time/weight. I can assure you that the Tiny Whoop really wakes up and comes alive with the key motor and battery upgrades.

Those of you who have jumped into the 3d printing realm are not left out. There are several useful and functional accessories that are available to print on Thingiverse. Among these are protective rabbit ears and even a set of antlers to help protect your VTX antenna. There are frame stiffeners and even modified frames that can be printed as well.

Not satisfied with a stock Tiny Whoop? No problem CNC rotor housings with carbon fiber frame trays are available in multiple colors. All in all this is one awesome addition to the Multicopter/FPV community.

And don’t forget the other companion products such as carrying cases, chargers that can charge multiple batteries at once. And then there is swag, from color option frames to in your face shirts. Making the Tiny Whoop yours will be the next trend now that the performance mods have almost all be optimized.

So if you’re ready…. Strap yourself into a sturdy chair, dawn your FPV Goggles, start your Tiny Whoop, fly a practice lap just to show what you are made of and then take on any challengers that dare come into your airspace.


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