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The New and Improved H-King Bixler 3

HobbyKing is always working towards making their models even greater than its predecessor (as if that’s even possible with the amount of praise the older Bixler models received within in the hobbyist community). But you’d better believe it, as they have as they’ve gone and outdone themselves again with the new and improved version of the Bixler3. In this article, I will aim to outline all the features that one can expect to find in the new Bix3 model.

One of the biggest and arguably the best improvements on the new Bixler3 is the aesthetic of this plane. Having updated the exterior of the model with a different colour scheme, the Bix3 looks much more sophisticated and is guaranteed to be the envy of your peers at your local flying club, or at least in my case it certainly was.

The Bixler range is the perfect all-in-one multi-purpose plane for beginner pilots, like myself, all the way through to the world’s best pilots. For me, the price of this model was definitely a big consideration in the decision making process when looking for a model. The Bix3 is fairly inexpensive, retailing at approx $130 USD (at time of writing).

Another feature that I loved when using the Bix3 was that, unlike other models, it is FPV friendly with the inclusion of an optional plywood FPV mounting tray that replaces the stock sport canopy, perfect for any FPV junkie.

While all these features a great to have, one of my personal favourite features about the Bix3 range is how versatile it really is. As mentioned already, the Bix3 includes some well thought out additional features that allow you to customise it and use it for a range of purposes. The Bix3 is a solid build that is built to last, made from tough EPO with a carbon tube runs length of fuselage for superior strength.

As a beginner pilot, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that pretty much everything in the box is pre-installed. So with a quick battery charge, I was pretty much ready to fly and enjoy the experience. In flight, the Bix3 is easy to control as the large wings allow for a better slow flight and weight capacity.

Below is a detailed look of the specs of Bix3.

Wingspan 1550mm
Length 948mm
Flying Weight 890g
Motor 2620 – 1400kv Brushless Outrunner
Prop 8 x 4
Servo 4 x 9g

If you have any questions or thoughts about the Bix3 model that I haven’t covered, feel free to share in the comments box below.

Happy Flying!

Written by Rebecca


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