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Teksumo EPP 900mm Wing: A FPV User’s Dream!

Written by Rebecca

HobbyKing have just revealed their brand new range of H-King Teksumo EPP Wing 900mm (35”) Kits, and if it’s anything like their previous model, I know I’m going to have some serious fun with these wings. These new Teksumo come in four vibrant colours that will look amazing and bright in the sky. The four unique colours that the Teksumo are available in include Cerulean Blue, Speed Yellow, Moto Green and Flaming Red. This variety in colours is perfect when flying with friends because it will be easy to differentiate your Teksumo from others.

One the major ways that this differs from the older model is that the new Teksumo is now designed and created to include a carbon fibre FPV mount, which is great for adding cameras to get some awesome footage while in the air. Another difference is that the motor mount is now carbon fibre, making it very strong which is perfect for grass landings. Additionally, the servos are perpendicular to the control surface and the control rods are 3mL hardened steel.

Made from EPP foam, the H-King Teksumo is a sturdy and durable wing with a wingspan of 900mm and it weighs in at 868.80 grams. Because the Teksumo is built well and is quite strong, so you won’t have to worry about the damages that occur from crashes in similar models (This doesn’t mean that you should be reckless with your model either). To further strengthen your model and prevent it from damages in case you crash, many reviews and blogs recommend purchasing a foam-cure (or goop) glue to make the foam more flexible when landing and ultimately protecting it. HobbyKing sell a great glue that I’d highly recommend, click here to view it.

But what really makes the Teksumo so popular and a great product for FPV users, is that the combat wings have a huge flight envelope, making it more versatile so that you can fly slowly, aerobatic or low ‘n’ fast. Some other big advantages with buying/using this model is that it is very easy to build and setup. Additionally, you can customise it by adding your choice of power systems, and if you add two power systems as recommended by HobbyKing, the Teksumo will have such an extreme power when flying that is unmatched by similar products on the market.

When you unbox the Teksumo, what you can expect to find that the box includes hardware, fiber tape, carbon fiber motor mount, Carbon Fiber FPV Mount

Below is a list of the specs for ‘H-King Teksumo EPP Wing 900mm (35″) Kits’.

Wingspan 900mm
Length 575mm
Flying Weight 300 – 350g


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