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USA East Warehouse Has Closed With The USA West Warehouse Becoming Our Primary USA Warehouse

The USA East Warehouse in Arkansas has closed as it was not meeting target service levels. As a result, the USA West Warehouse located in Tulatin, Oregon has become our primary USA warehouse. The USA West Warehouse already operates with an average dispatch time of 12 hours or less and the consolidation of both warehouses will allow us to continue to improve our service offering while focusing on range available.

While making the decision to close the USA East Warehouse was a difficult one, ultimately, our customers come first and it was just not meeting acceptable service standards. Particularly, when compared to the service output of our USA West Warehouse and our other Warehouses located globally. We look forward to providing our USA customers with the best possible range and service from our newly consolidated USA Warehouse.

All existing USA East Warehouse inventory is currently in or awaiting transit to the USA West Warehouse. No other Warehouses are impacted by this closure.

HK Team

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