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RC Flying Etiquette

Written by gozerian

You may be a park flyer and say to yourself that this doesn’t apply to me. I guarantee you that it does and there are very good reasons for you to follow these rules. I encourage you to read on and share this with your friends and fellow pilots. I’ll break this into two parts, Park Pilots and Club Pilots.

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How Do You Land an RC Plane?

Written by gozerian

They say, taking off is optional but landings are mandatory. The more landings you do the better you’ll become at it, as practice makes perfect. Landing your RC plane is without a doubt the hardest and most nerve-racking part of the entire flight, particularly when you’re just learning to fly control airplanes.

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Multicopter Basics #8 – Key Concepts

Written by Thomas

In this article we cover the basics when it comes to key concepts for building the right multicopter. By understanding the key concepts, you will be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to buying components and how they relate. Depending on the type of flying you plan to do i.e. FPV racing or aerial photography, the components differ in some ways.

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Multicopter Basics #7 – Other Key Components

Written by Thomas

When it comes to building a multicopter, there are other components that are important to ensure a successful flight! By focusing on each key component and exploring the basic tips below, you’re going to have a much better chance of making that first flight a success!

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Multicopter Basics #6 – Key Electronic Components

Written by Thomas

If you’re building your own multicopter, you have many choices available when it comes to selecting a flight computer.You will find varying pricing and features which may create confusion. Some flight computers are born through open source projects and others developed under a proprietor.

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Multicopter Basics #5 -Build your own vs off the Shelf

Written by Thomas

These days, the market is saturated with a range of Ready to Fly (RTF) solutions. DJI seems to have captured the global market with their affordable and reliable multicopter range when it comes to recording events with video and still photographs at a relatively low price.

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Multicopter Basics #2 – Safety

Written by Thomas

Flying a remote controlled aircraft is a great deal of fun. However, it comes with some risks that when managed appropriately, can be minimized significantly. We don’t want you to damage someone’s property or more importantly, injure yourself or others. So let’s get serious part out of the way, before we can have some fun!

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Multicopter Basics #4 – Tools and Techniques

Written by Thomas

Regardless of whether you’re planning to build a multicopter or buying one off the shelf, you will need most of the tools outlined below. This is for one simple reason: you’re going to crash. Having tools at hand is really convenient to carry out quick repairs. By planning ahead and doing your research, you might also save yourself some money!

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Multicopter Basics #3 – What’s your Objective?

Written by Thomas

Many hobbyists have been down this path before focusing too much on the multicopter and technology and not enough on the key objective. This can be time consuming and in some cases, it can be costly too! So it is important to clearly identify what your objective is when buying an multicopter

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