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How to Fix Loose Magnets in Brushless Motors

Brushless motors in your car or plane take a pretty hard beating and it’s not uncommon to see a motor throw a magnet. In this article we discuss how to fix it and get back on the road or into the sky the easy way. Sure, you could buy a new motor but it might be quicker to fix the one you have. Continue reading How to Fix Loose Magnets in Brushless Motors

Introduction to Flying #5: Radio Transmitter

In some instances a transmitter is supplied with most first models. These kits are especially designed for people getting in to the hobby and can provide you with a cheap entry in to the hobby.

However, you may want to purchase your own transmitter. The good thing is that you can find a good transmitter relatively cheap! Continue reading Introduction to Flying #5: Radio Transmitter

Choosing FPV Goggles

Written by Painless 360

I bought my first set of goggles back in February 2013 after deciding not to gamble my money on a set of pieces that may not have worked well together. I decided on a set of Fat Shark Predator V2 goggles that came with the video transmitter and even a little basic camera designed to work straight out of the box. Continue reading Choosing FPV Goggles

An in Depth Look at the Avios Bushmule

Written by gozerian

I fell in love with this airplane the moment that I pulled it out of the box. It was well packed and sealed to protect it during transport and this is important when you consider just how far a model has to travel to make it half way around the world. Continue reading An in Depth Look at the Avios Bushmule

How to Take off or Launch an RC Plane

We’ve all seen the guy who runs like an ageing warrior with a spear at the ready, determined to launch his spear into a close earth orbit. In reality, his sprint falls short and he tosses the glider like he has given up the will to live. Never was there a greater anticlimax!

Hands up who has seen a botched hand launch so sketchy it smashes into the ground full throttle ripping the front end clean off? Continue reading How to Take off or Launch an RC Plane

The Stone Blue Airlines Flying Circus 2016

I had the great opportunity to volunteer for Stone Blue Airlines Flying Circus FPV Festival in Covington, Va this year. The festival was great, filled with awesome attendants and vendors, and hosted by a great group of guys: Jeremiah Guelzo, owner of Stone Blue Airlines, and his team. The festivities started on Thursday, May 19th, and concluded on Sunday the 22nd. There were over 100 pilots who braved the occasional storms on the mountaintop this year. Continue reading The Stone Blue Airlines Flying Circus 2016

NEW: Turnigy Evolution Radio

Written by The Specialist

​I have always liked the idea of strapping a drone to my backpack chucking in a couple of batteries, goggles, and a transmitter and being able to fly whenever the opportunity arises. In practice, this works great for a few days then I get sick of the extra weight and space that my transmitter takes up – that was until The Evolution turned up on my desk. Continue reading NEW: Turnigy Evolution Radio

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