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Meet Mélanie Astles: The Only Female Driver On The Circuit

Meet Mélanie Astles, the only female driver on the Red Bull Air Race circuit. She is set to race for her country, during the first French Stage in Cannes. No stranger to making history, Astles has truly earned her wings with a lifetime passion for aviation.

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Zipline Creates World’s Fastest Life-Saving Drones

As HobbyKing News has previously reported, drones have been used to benefit society in a number of ways. But arguably the most important use of drones has been their ability to save a life. Last week, we reported that Verizon was working on a drone that would be able to transmit cell phone service in times of crisis and natural disaster. This is so that victims of such events would be able to contact emergency services where they otherwise were not able to (read more, here). Now, Silicon-Valley based startup Zipline is finding a new innovative way to combine medicine with drone technology by using drones to deliver blood to patients in rural areas of the world.

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Review: Durafly Tomahawk

FPV flying has been labelled the next big thing in the hobby world. So if you haven’t already gotten into it you better start searching for the best FPV flying wing options for your first wing. This way, by the time the trend totally blows up you will be a total pro at it and impressive all your mates with how good you have gotten at it. Speaking of great first FPV flying wings, I have recently purchased the Durafly Tomahawk and having used it a few times so far, I can already tell that it’s probably one of the best ways get into racing FPV wings. Continue reading Review: Durafly Tomahawk

Review: MiG-29 EPS 90mm EDF Jet 1145mm (45″)(Kit)

I recently purchased the ever-popular MiG-29 EPS 90mm EDF Jet 1145mm (45″) (Kit) from HobbyKing. Upon opening the package, the most notable feature upon opening the package was the colour scheme of the jet. The jet, which is made of EPF construction, is painted in the Russian night’s colours scheme and is based on a Russian twin-engine fighter jet named the Mikoyan MiG-29. The original jet entered the Soviet Air Force in 1982 and was used to combat enemies. Over three decades later, Continue reading Review: MiG-29 EPS 90mm EDF Jet 1145mm (45″)(Kit)

Airbrushing Model Railroads

There is no doubt that a well-finished model railway is simply stunning and something that can be admired by fellow hobbyists and just about anyone that casts an eye over the layout. It is the additional detail that people admire and appreciate. How many layouts have we seen where the train operations are wonderful but it’s the scenery and background things that are just as interesting. If you intend to build a great layout you’re going to need to become an expert with an airbrush. Airbrushing is used on just about every aspect of a model railway. In this article, we take a deep look at Airbrushing and the related accessories.

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QUIZ: Guess The Year

In a recent article on HobbyKing News, we explored the evolution and history of FPV and the development of FPV goggles throughout the years. In case you missed it, you can read its full history here. Now, we want to test your knowledge to see how well you know your hobby history. Take our quiz to see what year each of your favourite HobbyKing products was released.

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Horizon Hobby Bids to Buy out Hobbico

Earlier this year, HobbyKing News shared a report about Hobbico shutting its Reno warehouse, which was the company’s primary US East Coast operator (read more here). Shortly after, the extent of their financial woes was revealed as the company filed for bankruptcy in mid-January, to read the full story on this, click here.

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Police Armed with ‘Anti-Drone’ Guns for Sporting Events

So if you have ever read anything on the HobbyKing News page you’d know that governments are constantly trying to crack down on drone use and constantly trying to enforce no-fly zones. Now the Queensland Police may have found a solution to this.

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LIPO Battery Safety 101

Lithium polymer batteries or LIPO batteries as we describe them, are a member of the lithium-ion battery chemistry family. There are many members of the family and each has pros and cons. Different cell formats, voltages, discharge curves, charge and discharge rates. The most common RC battery is the soft pouch format. The cylindrical cells tend to be found in consumer-grade electronics whereas our humble LiPo is generally offered in a soft pouch, which makes them lighter but also less rigid. Continue reading LIPO Battery Safety 101

Coming Soon: HobbyKing to release 3Racing The Crawler EX

The ever-popular 3racing have just announced that they will be releasing a new product The Crawler EX, which will be available to purchase from HobbyKing as soon as it is released.

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