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QUIZ: Guess The Year

In a recent article on HobbyKing News, we explored the evolution and history of FPV and the development of FPV goggles throughout the years. In case you missed it, you can read its full history here. Now, we want to test your knowledge to see how well you know your hobby history. Continue reading QUIZ: Guess The Year

Horizon Hobby Bids to Buy out Hobbico

Earlier this year, HobbyKing News shared a report about Hobbico shutting its Reno warehouse, which was the company’s primary US East Coast operator (read more here). Shortly after, the extent of their financial woes was revealed as the company filed for bankruptcy in mid-January, to read the full story on this, click here. Continue reading Horizon Hobby Bids to Buy out Hobbico

Police Armed with ‘Anti-Drone’ Guns for Sporting Events

So if you have ever read anything on the HobbyKing News page you’d know that governments are constantly trying to crack down on drone use and constantly trying to enforce no-fly zones. Now the Queensland Police may have found a solution to this. Continue reading Police Armed with ‘Anti-Drone’ Guns for Sporting Events

LIPO Battery Safety 101

Lithium polymer batteries or LIPO batteries as we describe them, are a member of the lithium-ion battery chemistry family. There are many members of the family and each has pros and cons. Different cell formats, voltages, discharge curves, charge and discharge rates. The most common RC battery is the soft pouch format. Continue reading LIPO Battery Safety 101

Coming Soon: HobbyKing to release 3Racing The Crawler EX

The ever-popular 3racing have just announced that they will be releasing a new product The Crawler EX, which will be available to purchase from HobbyKing as soon as it is released. According to the company, their new offering in the form of the Crawler EX will be highly detailed and realistic. Continue reading Coming Soon: HobbyKing to release 3Racing The Crawler EX

BMW Teams Up with Drone Racing League

Drone racing is an emerging sport that people are continually invested and interested in. It’s not only drone racing fans who are invested in the sport, BMW has shown equal interest in the sport by announcing their partnership with Drone Racing League (DRL). DRL is the largest international drone racing organisations. Its CEO and founder Nicholas Horbaczewski labels the sport of drone racing as ‘furturistic’ and can ‘make history’. Continue reading BMW Teams Up with Drone Racing League

Five Must-Have Battery Accessories

Commonly, the saying goes ‘you can never have too many batteries’ and for the most part, that is true. But I’d much prefer the saying to be ‘you can never have too many batteries and accessories’ because battery accessories should never be overlooked. Battery accessories are not only great for safety but they are really useful in getting the most of our battery and the best user experience. Continue reading Five Must-Have Battery Accessories

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