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Solarfilm Announce it will Cease Production

UK-based model accessories company, Solarfilm, has recently announced that as of 12th February 2018 it will no longer sell to wholesalers and it will cease products of all the brand’s products. The company, which began over 50 years ago saw substantial success throughout the late 80s and early 90s with soaring sales.

In a statement released earlier this week, the company cited the ‘continued shrinking of the model industry and the demise of many of our wholesale customers’ as the reason for their financial woes.

It’s quite clear that the decline in interest in the hobby market is taking its toll on many companies, including JR and Hobbico, who have also announced their closure this year. Despite the bad news, some eager hobbyists may have found a silver lining. Fans of the brand have noticed that the company’s website has been updated with a message that now reads ‘Solarfilm Online market coming soon’. While many are speculating that Solarfilm is considering a direct internet sales approach, it is seemingly more likely that the company just may be selling its remaining built up stock. So if you wanted to stock up on iconic Solarfilm products before they run out, now may be your last chance.

Read the full statement by Andrew Hardman on behalf of Solarfilm below.


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