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Review: Durafly Tomahawk

FPV flying has been labeled the next big thing in the hobby world. So if you haven’t already gotten into it you better start searching for the best FPV flying wing options for your first wing. This way, by the time the trend totally blows up you will be a total pro at it and impressive all your mates with how good you have gotten at it. Speaking of great first FPV flying wings, I have recently purchased the Durafly Tomahawk and having used it a few times so far, I can already tell that it’s probably one of the best ways get into racing FPV wings.


HobbyKing Tomahawk FPV WingHere is what you can expect to find instead the box once you’ve opened it up.

  • Additional canopy
  • 1x (5 x 4.5) two-bladed propeller
  • 2x composite vertical stabilizer
  • 2x ball link arms
  • 2x vertical stabilizers
  • A set of decal stickers in four colours (red, blue, green and orange)
  • Tomahawk (Pre-installed Multistar 2205 2150KV brushless outrunner motor, 20amp ESC with xt60 battery connector, as well as two pre-installed 9G Servos)

Instantly I was impressed with how easy it was to assemble the product was it unboxed. Overall, it was fairly simple and straightforward. As mentioned, the motor and servos already came installed so basically the only things I needed to do when assembling was to install the push rods, glue the stabilizers and screw the propeller on. Once I completed this I was pretty much ready to go.

Aesthetically, each Durafly Tomahawk is unique because it comes with a range of decal stickers in different colours and numbers so you can personalise to your liking. The additional canopy is the perfect option allowing you to fit a camera to the model, so you can capture flight footage.

hobbyking tomahawk Another excellent feature is the battery hatch inside the plane, the way the model is designed allows for fast access to the hatch. Additionally, it is the perfect size to place both your battery and ESC. At first, I worried that this perhaps would make the wing a little noise heavy but upon my inaugural flight, I realised that it is the at just the right weight for the perfect flight. The CG on this plane is near perfect, which makes it stable in flight and landing. In my maiden flight, I realised that it is very easy to launch and handle this wing, which makes it perfect for anyone entering the FPV world.

I used a Graphene 4S battery to power it and my gosh was it powerful? Even a 3S would be perfect for this wing, which moved incredibly fast for a relatively small wing. When it comes to landing the easy to control wing landed really smoothly, with the help of the skid pads on the model which is helpful when it comes time to land.

Like most Durafly products, it is loaded with a bunch of impressive features that is the perfect way to enter the FPV sport and to top it all off it is small enough to fit in your car for a relaxing day out.

Wingspan: 670mm
Length 360mm
ESC AeroStar 20A w/XT60 connector
Motor Multistar 2206 2150KV Brushless Outrunner
Propeller 5045BN CCW
Servo 2 x 9g
Weight 220g (without battery or FPV gear)

Written by Rebecca


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