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Airbrushing Model Railroads

There is no doubt that a well-finished model railway is simply stunning and something that can be admired by fellow hobbyists and just about anyone that casts an eye over the layout. It is the additional detail that people admire and appreciate. How many layouts have we seen where the train operations are wonderful but it’s the scenery and background things that are just as interesting. If you intend to build a great layout you’re going to need to become an expert with an airbrush. Continue reading Airbrushing Model Railroads

Walmart Applies for Patents on Drone Shopping Assistants

Giant US retailer Walmart has reportedly filed a host of patents that could potentially change the way consumers shop in store for good. According to Gizmodo, the technologies in the patents will not only change the consumer shopping experience but will also be able to more accurately measure and keep track of inventory. Continue reading Walmart Applies for Patents on Drone Shopping Assistants

Update: Horizon Hobby Purchases Hobbico

Last week, we reported that Horizon Hobby had was set to make a bid on several of Hobbico’s assets, including Great Planes, Axial and Tower Hobbies with a combined value of $18.8 million. To read our full story on this, click here.

A couple of days this was made official as a bankruptcy court judge approved the purchase of Hobbico’s business. Continue reading Update: Horizon Hobby Purchases Hobbico

What is FPV? – Part One

FPV is a term that you will hear many hobbyists say, so it’s best you familiarise yourself with what FPV stands for, what it is and get all the details you need to know about this hobby. In Part 1 one our exploration, we will look into the FPV stands, the different types of FPV camera and whether FPV is for you. Continue reading What is FPV? – Part One

Postal Drone Crashes on its Maiden Flight

Everyone loves a good hobby crash fail story. Last week there were reports out of Washington DC that a security guard robot fell into a water fountain and truthfully, we have only just stopped laughing about it. Look at the image below to see the hilarity for yourself. Now a similar incident has happened in Russia a couple of days ago when a drone crashes into a tree. Continue reading Postal Drone Crashes on its Maiden Flight

QUIZ: Guess The Year

In a recent article on HobbyKing News, we explored the evolution and history of FPV and the development of FPV goggles throughout the years. In case you missed it, you can read its full history here. Now, we want to test your knowledge to see how well you know your hobby history. Take our quiz to see what year each of your favourite HobbyKing products was released. Continue reading QUIZ: Guess The Year

Throttle Safety Switch

Throttle Safety Switch – Throttle Cut – Why do I need it?

If you have ever seen someone struck by a prop, it’s not pretty. If you do get struck by a prop you might be lucky and get away with a few stitches, a scar and a medical bill. The other end of the spectrum is death or serious debilitating injuries. We all know that large models can do serious harm, however, we don’t tend to be as nervous about the bulk of electric powered models. Continue reading Throttle Safety Switch

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