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How To Fix a Broken LIPO Balance Lead

Written by gozerian

Repairing a battery could be dangerous so from the outset you must assume this procedure has inherent risks that you must mitigate.

LIPO batteries are volatile and if damaged or punctured could catch fire. For that reason you should not perform this task indoors. You should do this outdoors, away from all flammable and inflammable materials or liquids. You should have a bucket of water or sand at the ready to place your LIPO should something go wrong. You must have a way to fight a fire should it arise. A hose or extinguisher or both would be desirable. Your lipo battery voltage should be around 3.6v per cell and this is because a fully charged LIPO is extremely volatile, whilst a near flat LIPO is considered less volatile.

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A Sound System For Your Model RC Aircraft

Written by gozerian

I recently started building a 2.4m balsa, SR-9 Stinson reliant and almost without warning I was bitten by the scale bug. Before you know it you’re adding details here and there and getting a little carried away.I started wondering what would be required to add a sound system to a plane and ultimately, adding that next level of detail.

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H-King EZIO 1500EP Review

Written by Painless360


There are pilots that love to fly fast and their models flip and roll across the sky. Some pilots, like me, prefer the easy-going lazy style of flying with loops and rolls but with more graceful (I’d like to think) controlled flying. Each to their own but some models but some pilots better than others.

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So you want to buy a Quadcopter?

Written by Painless360

Many new pilots are looking for advice on what to buy when it comes to multirotors. The sheer amount of choice on the market at the moment can be overwhelming and there is no perfect model for every pilot (despite what a few in the forums may tell you!).

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An in Depth Look at the Avios Bushmule

Written by gozerian

I fell in love with this airplane the moment that I pulled it out of the box. It was well packed and sealed to protect it during transport and this is important when you consider just how far a model has to travel to make it half way around the world.

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How to Take off or Launch an RC Plane

Written by gozerian

We’ve all seen the guy who runs like an aging warrior with spear at the ready, determined to launch his spear into a close earth orbit. In reality, his sprint falls short and he tosses the glider like he has given up the will to live. Never was there a greater anticlimax!

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Quanum Genesis: The Wait is Over

Written by Painless360


Back in May 2016, HobbyKing created a product page for a new set of goggles – the Quanum Genesis. The image showed them with diversity antennas and what looked like a HDMI port and, very interestingly, a FatShark logo on the headband. The forums were quickly awash with speculation and claims about what it would actually be, what this new collaboration would bring to the product and how these would differ from the other FPV goggles on sale(Full video review below)

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