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Multicopter Basics #5 -Build Your Own

These days, the market is saturated with a range of Ready to Fly (RTF) solutions. DJI seems to have captured the global market with their affordable and reliable multicopter range when it comes to recording events with video and still photographs at a relatively low price. Continue reading Multicopter Basics #5 -Build Your Own

Multicopter Basics #2 – Safety

Flying a remote-controlled aircraft, particularly a multicopter, is a great deal of fun. However, it comes with some risks that when managed appropriately, can be minimized significantly. We don’t want you to damage someone’s property or more importantly, injure yourself or others. So let’s get the serious part out of the way before we can have some fun! Continue reading Multicopter Basics #2 – Safety

Multicopter Basics #4 – Tools and Techniques

Regardless of whether you’re planning to build a multicopter or buying one off the shelf, you will need most of the tools outlined below. This is for one simple reason: you’re going to crash. Having tools at hand is really convenient to carry out quick repairs. By planning ahead and doing your research, you might also save yourself some money! Continue reading Multicopter Basics #4 – Tools and Techniques

Multicopter Basics #3 – What’s your Objective?

Many hobbyists have been down this path before focusing too much on the multicopter and technology and not enough on the key objective. This can be time-consuming and in some cases, it can be costly too! So it is important to clearly identify what your objective is when buying an multicopter. Continue reading Multicopter Basics #3 – What’s your Objective?

Multicopter Basics #1 – Introduction

Flying a multicopter is a lot of fun and building one provides a great sense of achievement! Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve with your multicopter i.e. aerial photography, drone racing or flying just for fun, every setup shares a basic set of principals which are the same in nature. Continue reading Multicopter Basics #1 – Introduction

Introduction to Flying #7: First Flight

The day has come! You have done the hard yards on the simulator (at least I hope you have) and you’re ready to take to the skies!

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t fly if you’re not ready or if the weather is not favourable. It’s easy to get excited and just go for it! Most hobbyists will agree that at one point they have pushed the envelope to their demise! Continue reading Introduction to Flying #7: First Flight

Introduction to Flying #5: Radio Transmitter

In some instances a transmitter is supplied with most first models. These kits are especially designed for people getting in to the hobby and can provide you with a cheap entry in to the hobby.

However, you may want to purchase your own transmitter. The good thing is that you can find a good transmitter relatively cheap! Continue reading Introduction to Flying #5: Radio Transmitter

Introduction to Flying #4: First Plane

You’re excited to fly your first plane; and why shouldn’t you be? It’s great fun and it gets you outside to enjoy the weather.

One thing most people do when starting out, is eye off a difficult model to fly because it looks cool! You can still get cool looking first planes (depending on your taste). Continue reading Introduction to Flying #4: First Plane

Introduction to Flying #3: Buddy Boxing

After spending some time on your flight simulator, you should spend some time at your local flying club if you have one. It’s great to meet like-minded people in the hobby and to learn from people with a wealth of experience.

Another benefit is buddy boxing!Buddy boxing… It’s not what you’re thinking (it’s not jumping in a ring with an opponent)! Continue reading Introduction to Flying #3: Buddy Boxing

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