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The New and Improved H-King Bixler 3

HobbyKing are always working towards making their models even greater than its predecessor (as if that’s even possible with the amount of praise the older Bixler models received within in the hobbyist community). But you’d better believe it, as they have as they’ve gone and outdone themselves again with the new and improved version of the Bixler3. In this article, I will aim to outline all the features that one can expect to find in the new Bix3 model. Continue reading The New and Improved H-King Bixler 3

Unboxing – HobbyKing S550 Hexcopter Combo

Quality of parts

It’s immediately obvious when unpacking the box that the parts have been finished really nicely with no flashing on the plastic arms or excess on the carbon fibre parts. The engines and ESCs are also presented nicely and the wires have been cut to size quite well. Continue reading Unboxing – HobbyKing S550 Hexcopter Combo

Drone Regulation Updates in Europe from EASA

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published a new set of rules following the trend with Australia and the US regulating drones recently as well. In less than a year, there have been 7 drone related incidents reported in Europe of drones flying too close to planes at various airports. Various European aviation associations called for mandatory registration of all drones during point of purchase or resale. Continue reading Drone Regulation Updates in Europe from EASA

Adding LEDs to your model

Adding LEDs and lights to a model is very popular modification and is one of the easiest changes to make.Light Emitting Diodes (LED) can make the model far easier to orientate when flying and also provide extra help in the darker winter days when visibility isn’t as good, particularly when flying at the start and end of a day. In additional to being a very useful aid to safe flying then can look great too! Continue reading Adding LEDs to your model

How to Setup Servos and Control Horns

Servos and control horns have a major effect on the way an aircraft will fly. If not setup correctly they will have an adverse effect on flight and this is something we can avoid. In this article we discuss how to setup servos and control horns.

I enjoy watching an RC plane that is being flown well by an experienced pilot. Continue reading How to Setup Servos and Control Horns

Understanding LIPO Battery C Ratings

Have you ever wondered about the authenticity of the C rating applied to your shiny new battery pack? You might be shocked to learn that many manufacturers are rather careless when handling the truth and prefer to massage the ratings just a little. It’s a vicious cycle because as one vendor slaps on a new label others will follow. Some vendors are blatantly dishonest and should be called out for fabricating the capability of their product. Continue reading Understanding LIPO Battery C Ratings

Assembling an EDF Jet

Let’s talk about Jets – EDF jets.

Hobbyists are spoilt for choice when it’s comes to EDF jets. Just about every manufacturer has a gorgeous temptation to tease the Benjamins from your wallet. An electric ducted fan or EDF for the initiated, are growing in popularity and set to become one of the most popular categories. Not all jets are created equal with many earlier examples underpowered and draggy. Continue reading Assembling an EDF Jet

Winter Flying

There is a saying here in Canada. We have the best restored classic cars. Why? Because we can work on them 6 months of the year. The winter of 2016/2017 will be no exception. To think this time last year I actually had to put wheels back on a few of my planes because we had no snow.

Yep we’re talking about winter flying and some of the considerations you want to make before you expose your kit to the elements. Continue reading Winter Flying

RC Flying Etiquette

You may be a park flyer and say to yourself that this doesn’t apply to me. I guarantee you that it does and there are very good reasons for you to follow these rules. I encourage you to read on and share this with your friends and fellow pilots. I’ll break this into two parts, Park Pilots and Club Pilots. Continue reading RC Flying Etiquette

How to Fix Loose Magnets in Brushless Motors

Brushless motors in your car or plane take a pretty hard beating and it’s not uncommon to see a motor throw a magnet. In this article we discuss how to fix it and get back on the road or into the sky the easy way. Sure, you could buy a new motor but it might be quicker to fix the one you have.

I’ve bought many different varieties of brushless motors and some are better than others. Continue reading How to Fix Loose Magnets in Brushless Motors

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