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New Website. Who Dis?

So you may have noticed that on Friday HobbyKing mysteriously went down for a few hours and all that was left was a cryptic note posted to social media channels. Needless to say, it had hobbyists awaiting at the edge of their seats to see what the announcement would be.

A few hours later, a newly revamped and new look HobbyKing website appeared, loaded with a bunch of new and exciting features. The launch of the website comes after months and months of gathering feedback from a select group of hobbyists, who were invited to do some testing in the development stages of the website redesign. HobbyKing has created a design in collaboration with other hobbyists to deliver the best possible website with YOU, a valued member of the hobby, in mind. This new website is the very definition of ‘created by the hobbyist for the hobbyist’.

So what’s new?

Easy to Navigate

HobbyKing New Website

The new look website is simple, clean and easy to navigate. By simplifying the homepage and eliminating all the distractions, the new homepage focuses on areas that the hobbyists want to see, such as the ‘Live Chat’, ‘New Items’ and ‘Forum’ pages. Overall, this enhances the user experience by easing the navigation process through the website.

Additionally, one of the biggest changes that you may have noticed on the new website is HobbyKing’s new category structure. The new category structure combined with the easy to use drop-down menu bar at the top of the screen helps you find whatever you are looking for from any page that you are on.

HobbyKing filters


Gone are the days of tediously scrolling through the website aimlessly. Now HobbyKing have created a new set of filters which instantly helps you narrow your search to find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. With this feature, you will now be able to specify your brand of choice, your budget, warehouse location and more.

For example, I am looking for a Turnigy Graphene battery from the Australian warehouse that is on sale and costs no more than $100. I can simply select from the filters on the left hand side and narrow my choices down to fit my description.

HobbyKing Filters

Enhanced Mobile

Not only have we improved the website for desktop users but we have also enhanced the mobile shopping experience. The new design is now optimized for smartphone device users meaning you can browse on HobbyKing on the go.

As HobbyKing continues to grew, it continues to listen to the hobbyists while continually strives to provide the hobbyists with the best online shopping experience possible. This newly launched website is a testimonate to that. With continued insights, through collaboration with valuable members of the hobby industry, HobbyKing will consistentally improve to contionously deliver the highest quality products and services, that shoppers have come to expect from HobbyKing.

In the spirit of continuous improvement please feel free to tell us what you think of the new website in the comment box below.


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