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Review: MiG-29 EPS 90mm EDF Jet 1145mm (45″) (Kit)

I recently purchased the ever-popular MiG-29 EPS 90mm EDF Jet 1145mm (45″) (Kit) from HobbyKing. Upon opening the package, the most notable feature upon opening the package was the colour scheme of the jet. The jet, which is made of EPF construction, is painted in the Russian night’s colours scheme and is based on a Russian twin-engine fighter jet named the Mikoyan MiG-29. The original jet entered the Soviet Air Force in 1982 and was used to combat enemies. Over three decades later, and the MiG-29 still remains as an incredibly popular fighter jet.


hobbyking MiG-29 The contents you can expect to find in the box include;

  • MiG 29 Jet
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Waterslide Decals
  • Hardware for Assembling

The MiG-29, which is made of tough EPS construction, has a total length of 1500mm(59”) and its wingspan measures at 1145mm (45”). Because it is made of EPS foam it is quite lightweight, but if you wanted to give it a bit more strength you can cover the body with fibreglass. The Almost Ready To Fly (ARF) kit is designed to allow you to use all your own electronics including a twin 90mm fan setup, two ESC, and your choice of the servo to control your own ailerons and rudder and optional air retract system.

Ultimately, this is a great almost-ready-to-fly plane that will provide hours of entertainment.


Below is a full list of specs.

Wingspan: 1145mm(45″)
Material EPS
Length 1500mm(59″)
Wing Arena 22.6dm²
Height 350mm
Airfoil RG-14 Modified
Flying Weight 2700g
Landing Gear Fix gear or Retract (Not Included)


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