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Just Landed: Avios Grand Tundra

The Avios Grand Tundra debuted earlier this year for pre-orders. Ever since rave reviews have been pouring in about this impressive model. Model aviation expert Gozarian wrote “A great flying airplane that was 100% worth the wait. Hobbyking have continually lifted the game with their aircraft lines and this cements Avios place amongst the true greats.” (Read the full article here).

Grand Tundra Just Landed Gozarian’s sentiment was echoed by Matt from RCGroups, who described the Avios Grand Tundra as a being a plane that ‘rekindled’ his love of model aviation. In a video posted to YouTube, Matt says “The plane flys slowly and the vortex generator on the wings fly with authority” before adding that “…. (this plane) has rekindled my love for model aviation… I feel like I want to go out and fly this thing every single day.”

The highly praised Avios Grand Tundra clearly lived up to its expectations with many reviewers saying that it was worth the wait. cHobbyKing are pleased to announce that the wait is finally over as stock has arrived in all warehouses and is now available to purchase.

Buy the Avios Grand Tundra now to see what all the fuss is about.


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