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Innovate or Die: JR File For Bankruptcy

Innovate or Die: JR File For Bankruptcy

Written by youvebeenservoed

There has been some bad news in the RC-world recently with JR Americas releasing a statement confirming that the company was filing for bankruptcy with debts of 4 billion Yen.

Jr’s agreement in December 2017 to sell its business to long term Japanese business partner, Konishi Mokel Co Ltd, comes as no surprise to RC enthusiasts with the company announcing severe cutbacks in early 2017.

JR was once one of the most valuable brands in the RC market, reaching their pinnacle of popularity during the late 80’s-90’s. Their designs and technology were ground-breaking, garnering fans around the globe but like many companies before (see: Nokia) they failed to recognise that brands today aren’t as resilient as they once were.

Growing up in a high-tech world has taught people to expect constant innovation; when companies like JR fall behind, consumers are quick to punish them. What happens then? Fresh, tech savvy brands like Frsky and Turnigy crush you.

What does the future hold for them? It’s not uncommon for a brand to survive in situations like this, new ownership often means fresh perspectives and new insights which JR certainly need. I guess we will have to wait and see what 2018 holds.

Are you still a die-hard JR fan? What do you think the change in ownership will mean for them? Tell us in the comment section below.

JR America Official Press Release here:


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