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Have You Found HobbyKing’s Special Golden Egg?

Have You Found HobbyKing’s Special Golden Egg? *cue all the Willy Wonka memes*

Well in an exciting new promotion that is as awesome as Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, HobbyKing has announced a special new giveaway. They are hiding ten unique golden HobbyKing eggs in ten different deliveries from now until April 2nd. If you are lucky enough to find the special egg, you will win full cashback on your purchase. I repeat, full cashback!!!

To be eligible you simply need to spend over $100 and let’s be real with the impressive discounts that HobbyKing has to offer at the moment that certainly won’t be a hard thing to do. Then wait for your package to arrive and check your box with fingers crossed and hope you find the egg.

If you do find the egg, take a photo and share your excitement with the rest of us!!! Then you can enjoy knowing your order is now completely free.


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