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How Your RC Hobby Can Help With Anxiety and Depression

As mentioned this week on HobbyKing News much of our content is centred around Mental Health Awareness, and how to cope with anxiety and depression. Previously, we explored how volunteering at your local community events can help reduce depression, read the full article here.

In this article, we will explore how beneficial using your RC hobby can be to destress and assist in managing depression and anxiety.

When it comes to treating depression, anxiety, and other mental related illness, it’s important to consult your doctor first and foremost. However, there are plenty of ways in which your RC hobby can help you deal with these issues.

Reach out to people in your community

One of the best aspects about having a hobby is the community. Research has indicated that social support reduces cortisol levels that occur in response to stress. As a result, this leads to an increasingly calm state and ultimately decreases anxiety.

Another great way to reach out to the people in the RC community is through forums and community pages. It’s great for a number of reasons:

  • You meet amazing people
  • Share a connection with likeminded people, who share the same interests as you
  • You can share your thoughts about things that inspire you
  • You can learn a lot from others

Get Crafty

Often when someone experiences depression or anxiety, they also lose a sense of motivation. A craft project allows you to refocus your energy on something more creative and positive. There is a range of crafty projects you can do to help with this. Some examples of this include painting your latest plane model, build a multirotor and add custom lights (see this article on how to do that) or just paint your train model (see here). Gavin Clayton, one of the founders of the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing says “Our evidence shows that taking part in creative activities has a positive impact on people’s mental health”.

We hope our content this week has helped enlighten you about mental health and the ways in which you can manage any mental health issues or support anyone suffering from it.


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