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Drone Used for Epic Fourth of July Fireworks Display

Intel has been at the forefront of creating display drones, which are known as a ‘shooting star drones’ for their ability to light up a night sky, not unlike shooting stars. These ‘shooting star’ drones have become more and more popular as the company as showcased this technology on numerous occasions. These special light up drones were made famous during Lady Gaga’s performance at the Super Bowl in 2017, it’s presence at the opening ceremony of Pyongyang Winter Olympics, and used in sync with music at Coachella Music Festival.

hobbyking fourth of july firework drone Now, these shooting star drones are has been used as a substitute the traditional and iconic fourth of July fireworks display. On the display, Intel’s drone department’s general manager, Anil Nanduri tells Wired Magazine “A light show is a lot more than digitized fireworks. Fireworks have certain shapes and categorizations that come with what you can visualize with fireworks,”

According to Nanduri, another benefit to this light show compared to traditional fireworks is that “You can do all that visualization with drones, as well, but a lot more. You can put letters, you can put logos and animations. You can put stories in the sky.” In addition to this, Nanduri highlights the value creation from using drones instead of fireworks. In his opinion, the simple fact that drones are reusable and traditional fireworks can only be used for one-off display adds great value to those who use these drones for celebrations similar to Fourth of July.

Tell us your thoughts: do you prefer traditional fireworks or ‘shooting star drones’?


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