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Flying Lego is Now a Reality

Dreams really do come true! Lego’s Creative Lab has teamed up with the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Canada to create a cool new drone experience using everyone’s favourite childhood toy – Lego!

hobbyking flying LegoIn February this year, Legos and Human Media Lab debuted their innovation at the Lego World expo in Copenhagen, Denmark. The way this works is that the user creates a controller made of lego which then gets scanned by a computer in order to be able to replicate an interactive swarm of quadcopters or drones. The user can create an interactive animation of flying lego bricks by swerving, tilting and rotating the lego controller.

One of the primary purposes of this innovation was for its educational value in allowing students to use this as a tool in being able to “simulate the physics of the natural world like gravity, planetary orbits, and more, giving children a chance to see what they have long learned from textbooks and two-dimensional depictions, in a real physical environment”, says Roel Vertegaal, a professor at Queen’s University. In a video released by Human Media Lab, a spokesperson says “Flying Lego represents a radically new form of interactive robotic play that is set to revolutionise the way that kids of all ages will interact with programmable construction toys.”

Watch the video below to see how awesome this new innovation is.


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