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Bigger is always better when it comes to landings

Bigger wheels defiantly make life easier when it comes to taking off from grass or a rough surface. Small wheels tend to be caught up in the grass that can lead to nose overs or affecting the ability of the plane to get up to speed. This is especially noticeable on EDF jets with the wheels tend to be much smaller.

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The Art of Balancing an EDF Fan

An unbalanced fan sounds terrible and yet many modellers don’t realise just how easy it is to get a fan to sound like a turbine. Most model aviation clubs are close to residential dwellings and so noise must be reduced. Many clubs have adopted strict noise policies in order to keep the surrounding neighbourhood happy. The reason we balance an EDF is similar to the reason we balancing a propeller, sound, efficiency and to minimise the wear and tear on the sensitive components in your model aircraft. No doubt you’ve heard the sound of a well-balanced fan and you’ll agree with me that it’s just a beautiful thing.

There are many ways to balance an EDF fan and in this article, I’ll cover two reasonably easy, yet, effective methods.

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Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

We take the humble speed controller for granted but it hasn’t always been this easy. Speed controllers have been around since Adam, however, they were nowhere near as sophisticated as today’s modern Electronic Speed Controllers.

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How Brushed and Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers Work

An electronic speed controller (ESC) is an electronic circuit whose main purpose is to vary the speed of an electric motor and it’s direction. Whether the ESC is for a brushed motor or brushless the ESC interprets control information. This is not as in a mechanical motion as found in the case of servo units but rather in a way that varies the switching rate of a network of “Field Effect Transistors”, or more commonly known as FET’s. The rapid switching of these transistors is what causes the motor itself to emit its characteristic high pitched whine, this is especially noticeable at lower speeds. These FET’s also allow a much smoother and more precise speed control of the motor and in a far more efficient way than the older mechanical type of speed controllers. It has a resistive coil and moving arms, that we would see in many models a few years ago, especially in the model car world.

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Model Aircraft Maintenance

Model RC Aircraft are subject to punishing extremes that take a toll on the components and the airframe. We have all seen landings where a plane hits the deck hard only to bounce back into the air, stall, and bounce on the runway again. The corpse of the crippled aircraft, along with any lost limbs is dragged from the strip to be put back together in a makeshift field hospital.

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Soar Through History with Durafly Bf.109 1100mm

Durafly has finally released the highly anticipated Bf.109 and it’s sure to excite. This model is highly detailed and so well finished that it’s sure to excite even the most discerning scale aficionados among us. Like their previous warbirds in this class, they left no detail out and the scale nuts will want for nothing. I’ve owned both the Durafly T-28 and Spitfire and I can say that there is no contender in the market today and they’re simply the best representations of the models and they’ve again outdone themselves on the BF.109.

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New Durafly Bf109e-4 Scale Warbird


There have been a few ‘planes that we have all been waiting for from HobbyKing and this Bf109E-4 model is one of those.

The last scale plane from HobbyKing I flew was the excellent T-28, a mode that looked the part but also provided support for FPV cameras in the cockpit too. This latest ‘plane from Durafly is much more of a scale model than that T-28 without any of that consideration for FPV support. This model has great attention to detail and a number of options that come in the box that makes for a fun build and flying experience.

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H-King Cessna Skylane (965mm) Review

H-King has just introduced another Cessna into their already impressive and ever-growing lineup of model aircraft. The H-King Cessna Skylane is fitted with tricycle landing gear and is designed for a very affordable 800-1000mah 3s battery. The PNF model is equipped with a powerful 1200kv brushless outrunner, 20A ESC, LED nav lights and scale wheel pants and only requires a receiver and battery of your choice and you’re good to go. Hobbyking is known the world over for affordable model aircraft and in keeping with tradition the Cessna comes in at under $100.

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