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The Baby Boeing: Boeing 737

The first flight of Boeing’s iconic 737 took place over 50 years ago and they are still being built, delivered and flown today. The Boeing 737 continues to make a massive contribution to today’s commercial aviation. The company had already successfully delivered two multi-engine jets in the 707 and 727, however, the latest plane looked like a miniature version of its 707 predecessors and was nicknamed “The Baby Boeing.” Continue reading The Baby Boeing: Boeing 737

How To: Build Scale Models Using Foam

Before I start any scratch build model, I usually draw up a rough plan in CAD or computer-aided design as it helps with making the build a little bit easier. Although, at times I do love just winging it with some builds and just making things up as I go along. However, if I am going to be building scale ( stand-off scale anyway) models, they need to be reasonably accurate and well designed. Continue reading How To: Build Scale Models Using Foam

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