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The New and Improved H-King Bixler 3

HobbyKing are always working towards making their models even greater than its predecessor (as if that’s even possible with the amount of praise the older Bixler models received within in the hobbyist community). But you’d better believe it, as they have as they’ve gone and outdone themselves again with the new and improved version of the Bixler3. Continue reading The New and Improved H-King Bixler 3

Choosing FPV Goggles

Written by Painless 360

I bought my first set of goggles back in February 2013 after deciding not to gamble my money on a set of pieces that may not have worked well together. I decided on a set of Fat Shark Predator V2 goggles that came with the video transmitter and even a little basic camera designed to work straight out of the box. Continue reading Choosing FPV Goggles

How to get into FPV racing on the cheap

Written by ShawnOSullivan

By now you have seen it either on Youtube or on the news, competitors are flying little radio-controlled “drones”, being piloted through video goggles that put the pilot “in” the cockpit. It looks like something you would see in ‘Star Wars’; these little craft flying at break-neck speeds through the forest, Continue reading How to get into FPV racing on the cheap

2016 Multi GP Championship Winner

Written by Toby

If you’re a drone racer then I don’t need to tell you what the MultiGP Championships are. If you aren’t a drone racer, then let me explain. The MultiGP organization is run with racers in mind. This means that they focus on providing a high quality race that is tailored for fierce competition and hardcore racing! Continue reading 2016 Multi GP Championship Winner

Day 2: US Drone Nationals 2016

Written by Toby

Day two at US Drone nationals 2015 is off to a great start. Wing practice is in full swing as the wing pilots are rip through the grey skies with ease. However the dark clouds are descending giving an ominous and forboding sense to the day, only adding to the tension as to whom will be #1! Continue reading Day 2: US Drone Nationals 2016

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