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Want to try FPV?


First Person View (FPV) is now the most popular way for pilots to fly the majority of multirotor and fixed wing ‘drones’. The cost of a camera, video transmitter and some entry level goggles or FPV screen is now so low that many traditional Line of sight (LOS) pilots have tried it for themselves and become hooked. Continue reading Want to try FPV?

Get the Lowdown on Pagoda Antennas

If you have been in FPV for any length of time you’ll be familiar with the cloverleaf antenna which essentially made 5.8ghz viable. Before that time, we all spent time fussing around trying to get our FPV systems to work. Just tilting the plane into a banking turn was enough to lose video signal. Continue reading Get the Lowdown on Pagoda Antennas

Review: Durafly Tomahawk

FPV flying has been labelled the next big thing in the hobby world. So if you haven’t already gotten into it you better start searching for the best FPV flying wing options for your first wing. This way, by the time the trend totally blows up you will be a total pro at it and impressive all your mates with how good you have gotten at it. Continue reading Review: Durafly Tomahawk

What is FPV? – Part One

FPV is a term that you will hear many hobbyists say, so it’s best you familiarise yourself with what FPV stands for, what it is and get all the details you need to know about this hobby. In Part 1 one our exploration, we will look into the FPV stands, the different types of FPV camera and whether FPV is for you. Continue reading What is FPV? – Part One

Review: Quanum Cyclops Diversity Goggles with DVR

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that Hobbyking first brought out their initial version of the cheap, foam clamshell goggles. Then it was followed by the more designed V2 and then the first version of the Cyclops goggles appeared on the market in June 2016. Now they have released the Quanum Cyclops Diversity FPV Goggles. Continue reading Review: Quanum Cyclops Diversity Goggles with DVR

The Evolution and History of Quanum FPV Goggles

Most tech gadgets develop over time into something almost unrecognisable to its original. Think of the very first iPhone compared to the iPhone X. They are worlds apart in such a short space of time. Like the first iPhone, The Quanum FPV Goggles started out as a basic yet revolutionary model and continued to develop into something even more spectacular than imaginable and has become the phenomenon that it is today. Continue reading The Evolution and History of Quanum FPV Goggles

Teksumo EPP 900mm Wing: A FPV User’s Dream!

Written by Rebecca

HobbyKing have just revealed their brand new range of H-King Teksumo EPP Wing 900mm (35”) Kits, and if it’s anything like their previous model, I know I’m going to have some serious fun with these wings. Continue reading Teksumo EPP 900mm Wing: A FPV User’s Dream!

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