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2018: A Year In Review

It’s been a mammoth year for the entire hobby industry including at HobbyKing. HobbyKing recently announced the appointment of their new CEO Toby Osmond. Osmond, who has been with the company for close to 8 years, is a lifelong hobbyist with an extensive background in the RC industry. In a recent facebook live event, he answered questions about what’s new at HobbyKing and what changes you can expect in the new year. Continue reading 2018: A Year In Review

The EPIC Journey of the Woody Winch Challenge

To set a scene – it was Sunday 15th July 2018 and the weather was shaping up to be the perfect day to fly the classic K-8 for a UK-based hobbyist, Gary Western. With light winds and good lift up (to possibly 6000 ft), it was the perfect flight condition. Making the most of these perfect conditions, Western decided to challenge himself to the Woody Winch Challenge. Continue reading The EPIC Journey of the Woody Winch Challenge

How To: Build Scale Models Using Foam

Before I start any scratch build model, I usually draw up a rough plan in CAD or computer-aided design as it helps with making the build a little bit easier. Although, at times I do love just winging it with some builds and just making things up as I go along. However, if I am going to be building scale ( stand-off scale anyway) models, they need to be reasonably accurate and well designed. Continue reading How To: Build Scale Models Using Foam

How To Get Your Hands on the Avios C-130!

For the full C-130 Manual, click here: Avios C-130 Manual

In case you missed the news, HobbyKing has announced the release of the highly anticipated Avios C-130. Featuring a wingspan of 1600mm with fully sequenced landing gear, working cargo door, navigation lights and scale props the C-130 is a masterpiece. It is the only true scale representation of the mighty C-130. Continue reading How To Get Your Hands on the Avios C-130!

Learning To Fly: Part Two

In the last article, we looked at the basics and covered the learning process at a very high level. In the coming articles, I’ll look at some of the tips and tricks to help make sure that the learning experience is as pleasant as possible. In R/C, as with many other things, you never stop learning – it’s one of the fun parts of the hobby. Continue reading Learning To Fly: Part Two

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