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Mattel Announces Jurassic World ‘Pterano-Drone’

Over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair, Mattel announced a large range of new Jurassic World merchandise to coincide with the release of the upcoming film later this year. Among their new merch, was the ‘Pterano-Drone’, a standard quadcopter with a dinosaur on top.

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Self-flying drones have arrived – but do we really need it?

When drones were introduced into the world, they were a revolutionary technology that had so much promise, in technology, photography, sports and entertainment. But tech start-up Skydio felt the technology in drones were lacking, and its popularity came down to nothing more than just viral videos of drone crashes. So the company has created a new and promising autonomous self-flying drone which retails at approximately $2,499 and will begin shipping to customers in two to three weeks. The company stated the inspiration for this idea came from the gap between the promise of drones and what existing manually-flown products are capable of.

According to the tech company, the notion of self-driving drones are like the way “computers will become mobile agents that act on our behalf in the world”. In their mission statement, Skydio believes that these intelligent machines will be responsible for building the future, adding “a future where they multiply human creativity and human possibility.”

This autonomous technology has been something that has been long hyped with DJI, the market leader in drone technology, having created similar drones with facial recognition and the ability to dodge obstacles and other track challenges. However, unlike DJI, Skydio’s core goal is to create a drone that requires no pilot. Adam Bry, the company’s chief executive, saying “Our view is that almost all of the use cases for drones would be better with autonomy”.

The self-driving drone works in many ways, one of which is by following a specific person. It comes with a ‘cinematic mode’ that can record you from the preferred direction in which you want to be shot. Watch the video below to see how it works.

This technology is likely to become cheaper, smaller, and more accessible as time passes. While the technology in this gadget is pretty impressive, one wonders if this is just a selfie-stick 2.0 situation, where narcissistic social media users can capture and share their every move. If this is the case, do we really need this kind of technology? Or will this autonomous technology actually benefit photographers with the freedom of flight? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

The Armattan Rooster 5” Quadcopter


Before I get into this review, I’ve got a confession to make. The first ever ‘proper’ quadcopter was an Armattan 258 CNC aluminium frame with a KK2.0 flight controller in the middle. I bought it in January 2013 and back then the owner of Armattan was just starting out building quads to order on the RCGroups forums.

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DJI Drone Pilots will Now be Forced to Take a Knowledge Quiz

Regulation of drone usage is not a new concept for many hobbyists. For the past few years, as the popularity of drones has skyrocketed, governments and regulatory bodies around the globe have tried to regulate and limit its use.

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Is Drone Diving the Next Big Sport?

As we know all know, the hobby community is constantly evolving and each day a new trend infiltrates the hobby. For the past few years, drone racing was tipped to be the next big thing, with many comparing and likening the sport to the phenomenon of skateboarding or car racing. However, while drone racing had become insanely popular for a couple of years, particularly in 2014/15, interest in the sport today is slowly decreasing. This begs the question – what’s next? This has me wondering about a sport that is known as drone diving.

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Flying a Drone with Consideration and Responsibility

The sport of model flying has undergone some significant changes over the last few years and none more so than the advent of the multirotor (drone) which is very high technology based. The developments of motors, batteries and in the case of drones the control systems have gone ahead in leaps and bounds. No longer are these just for the extremely experienced modeller/flyer they are now a practical off the shelf proposition that can be flown by almost everyone.

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ImmersionRC Vortex230 Mojo Review


ImmersionRC has as long a pedigree in FPV as any other vendor today. In 2017 I looked at their new TRAMP-HV video transmitter with their RaceWand and was impressed. ImmersionRC has also been producing FPV quadcopters for a while now and the Vortex 230 Mojo is the latest in the successful Vortex family.

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DJI Introduces the Brand New Mavic Air

Last week drone giant DJI teased enthusiasts with a cryptic video message about their forthcoming product announce. Keeping tight-lipped DJI didn’t share any information, other than a tagline that reads ‘Adventure Unfolds’. This had many, HobbyKing included, speculating on what the product may be, with most guessing a new folding Mavic.

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Bad Karma: GoPro Announces Exit From the Drone Industry

In breaking news out of the tech/drone industry today, GoPro has just announced its exit from the drone industry. As part of their statement, the company also revealed a major restructure, mainly within in their aerial drone sectors. Due to a decline in growth, they will be cutting 20% of its workforce, reducing it’s employee count from 1,254 to fewer than 1,000 employees. In addition to this, GoPro CEO and Founder Nicholas Woodman will reduce his 2018 cash compensation to $1.

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Learning to fly a Multirotor

Learning to fly a multirotor is often underestimated. Videos on YouTube make it look so easy but a successful, safe pilot is months (if not years) in the making. I did the same as many and the first take offs (I can’t call them flights as they lasted less than five seconds and I was barely in control!) ended in broken props and disaster.

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