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All In The Details: Blaze by HobbyKing

Last week HobbyKing announced the release of two new Blaze chassis cars. One is the Blaze R2 1/10 Scale Touring Car, the other is the Blaze DFR 1/10 Scale Drift Chassis. Both of these models share a number of similarities, as they are both based on the very popular and successful MTS T2.

Upon unboxing, you’ll notice that both cars come with unpainted body shells, which is a really nice inclusion at this price point. The R2 comes with a Mazda Speed 6 IFMAR approved race body, while the DFR comes with a highly detailed GTR style body, that you would be happy with at twice the price. Both of them come with sticker sheets to add detail. They also come with quality vinyl masks for the windows and lights, if you don’t want to use the window stickers or you are using LEDs in the lights. The DFR comes with two hard plastic wings and other detail pieces like wipers and side mirrors.

Both cars have an FR4 chassis with a coloured carbon fibre skin, which allows the cars to be both flexible yet sturdy for on-road racing and the colours look really cool.

The two cars share a number of similar features, including adjustable inboard toe at the front and back. However, the biggest difference between the two cars, is that the DFR1 being a drift car has a higher steering angle, making it easier to swing out the rear and hold a drift. Another difference is that the drift car comes with hard plastic drift tyres with a six-spoke wheel. In comparison, the R2 comes with pre-mounted super soft slicks on dish wheels.

They both include CVDs front and rear and rubber sealed bearings all around, including the steering.

Another big difference between the two cars is that the R2 comes with a solid axle in the front and a gear diff in the rear, which is fairly standard for modern touring car chassis’. The DFR, on the other hand, has a one-way diff in the front and a fixed rear axle which, mixed with its extreme steering throw, makes it super easy to throw into a drift and hold it there.

The servo location is also different in both of these cars with the R2 utilising a floating mount and the DFR having the servo mounted longitudinally to allow for greater steering throw movement.

The Blaze, which is based on the same chassis as the RZ4 also share most of the same spares and upgrades and apparently there will soon be some unique spares for both cars.

Having owned the RZ4 for a few years now I know how well that chassis handles as a rally car and a drifter so I am confident in the handling characteristics of both of these chassis’ and am especially excited about getting the drifter going and putting the rally tyres back on the RZ4.

I have to admit I don’t know how they manage to make such a high-quality RC model for this price but I’m not complaining, in fact, I can’t wait to see the looks on the other guys’ faces when I turn up to our regular Thursday night drift session with this beauty looking just as cool as their $600+ Tokyo drifts. I’ll still be ghosting the white line with them but with cash still in my pocket.

Below is a list of the full specs for both models.

Wheelbase: 260-265mm
Width 190
Internal Gear Ratio 2.1
Spur Gear 84T

Written by Jenö


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