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Cleaning a Dirty Glow Engine the EASY Way

Glow engines get covered in a very thick a crusty layer of oil, muck, baked on grime and a lacquer that just won’t budge. We have all tried in vain to remove it, and no matter how hard you scrub you just can’t get it all and it’s way too much work. Not only is a dirty engine unsightly, I personally feel they perform poorly and never quite run right. I have no supporting evidence for my claim but I’d like to know your thoughts, so leave some comments below. Continue reading Cleaning a Dirty Glow Engine the EASY Way

Comparing Common Flight Controllers

The last few years has seen an explosion of the multirotor part of the hobby and driven a huge amount of innovation in the flight controllers and the software and firmware that runs them. Ask a handful of pilots for advice on which you should use and you will get many different answers depending on their experience, models they use and style of flying. You often get pilots recommending the same flight controller with different software and firmware! Continue reading Comparing Common Flight Controllers

The Stone Blue Airlines Flying Circus 2016

I had the great opportunity to volunteer for Stone Blue Airlines Flying Circus FPV Festival in Covington, Va this year. The festival was great, filled with awesome attendants and vendors, and hosted by a great group of guys: Jeremiah Guelzo, owner of Stone Blue Airlines, and his team. The festivities started on Thursday, May 19th, and concluded on Sunday the 22nd. There were over 100 pilots who braved the occasional storms on the mountaintop this year. Continue reading The Stone Blue Airlines Flying Circus 2016

How to get into FPV racing on the cheap

Written by ShawnOSullivan

By now you have seen it either on Youtube or on the news, competitors are flying little radio-controlled “drones”, being piloted through video goggles that put the pilot “in” the cockpit. It looks like something you would see in ‘Star Wars’; these little craft flying at break-neck speeds through the forest, Continue reading How to get into FPV racing on the cheap

NEW: Turnigy Evolution Radio

Written by The Specialist

​I have always liked the idea of strapping a drone to my backpack chucking in a couple of batteries, goggles, and a transmitter and being able to fly whenever the opportunity arises. In practice, this works great for a few days then I get sick of the extra weight and space that my transmitter takes up – that was until The Evolution turned up on my desk. Continue reading NEW: Turnigy Evolution Radio

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