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Mattel Announces Jurassic World ‘Pterano-Drone’

Over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair, Mattel announced a large range of new Jurassic World merchandise to coincide with the release of the upcoming film later this year. Among their new merch, was the ‘Pterano-Drone’, a standard quadcopter with a dinosaur on top.

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Building the 90mm FlyFly Mirage 2000 – A Great Beginners Kit

The flyfly 90mm mirage is known the world over as one of the all-time classics. It is an exceptional flyer at both high and low speed and it can even be hand launched via a bungee cord or if you’re really adventurous, straight up vertical out of your hand. If you’re prepared to put in a few hours’ work you’ll have a great jet that you’ll enjoy flying.

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Self-flying drones have arrived – but do we really need it?

When drones were introduced into the world, they were a revolutionary technology that had so much promise, in technology, photography, sports and entertainment. But tech start-up Skydio felt the technology in drones were lacking, and its popularity came down to nothing more than just viral videos of drone crashes. So the company has created a new and promising autonomous self-flying drone which retails at approximately $2,499 and will begin shipping to customers in two to three weeks. The company stated the inspiration for this idea came from the gap between the promise of drones and what existing manually-flown products are capable of.

According to the tech company, the notion of self-driving drones are like the way “computers will become mobile agents that act on our behalf in the world”. In their mission statement, Skydio believes that these intelligent machines will be responsible for building the future, adding “a future where they multiply human creativity and human possibility.”

This autonomous technology has been something that has been long hyped with DJI, the market leader in drone technology, having created similar drones with facial recognition and the ability to dodge obstacles and other track challenges. However, unlike DJI, Skydio’s core goal is to create a drone that requires no pilot. Adam Bry, the company’s chief executive, saying “Our view is that almost all of the use cases for drones would be better with autonomy”.

The self-driving drone works in many ways, one of which is by following a specific person. It comes with a ‘cinematic mode’ that can record you from the preferred direction in which you want to be shot. Watch the video below to see how it works.

This technology is likely to become cheaper, smaller, and more accessible as time passes. While the technology in this gadget is pretty impressive, one wonders if this is just a selfie-stick 2.0 situation, where narcissistic social media users can capture and share their every move. If this is the case, do we really need this kind of technology? Or will this autonomous technology actually benefit photographers with the freedom of flight? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Bigger is always better when it comes to landings

Bigger wheels defiantly make life easier when it comes to taking off from grass or a rough surface. Small wheels tend to be caught up in the grass that can lead to nose overs or affecting the ability of the plane to get up to speed. This is especially noticeable on EDF jets with the wheels tend to be much smaller.

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The Armattan Rooster 5” Quadcopter


Before I get into this review, I’ve got a confession to make. The first ever ‘proper’ quadcopter was an Armattan 258 CNC aluminium frame with a KK2.0 flight controller in the middle. I bought it in January 2013 and back then the owner of Armattan was just starting out building quads to order on the RCGroups forums.

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Blaze by HobbyKing: R2 Touring Car and DFR 1/10 Scale Drift Chassis

Last week HobbyKing announced the release of two new Blaze chassis cars. One is the Blaze R2 1/10 Scale Touring Car, the other is the Blaze DFR 1/10 Scale Drift Chassis. Both of these models share a number of similarities, as they are both based on the very popular and successful MTS T2.

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Custom Workbench Build #2

Following on from my ‘Custom Workbench Build #1’ Article, I thought I would share how I went about building two hobby benches. The idea is to set up a good workspace for RC projects. I have created one standing bench for soldering and building and the other a seated bench which is also for building, but mainly for updating software on my flight computers.

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GPS Reliability and Precision

The use of satellite-based navigation system has grown tremendously in the last decade. Almost every phone, many cars and even fitness watches have an inbuilt GPS receiver these days.As already mentioned previously, there are many safety benefits when using a GPS based flight controller, however, there can also be some issues using this technology though. Some reasons that relying solely on the accuracy of the GPS position may be problematic will be listed and explained in this article.

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