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AT&T Creates Solution to Protect Against Malicious Drones

AT&T have teamed up with Californian based drone startup Dedrone to create a drone detection solution. The main purpose of this is to protect against malicious drones, with a focus on protecting venues, business, military bases, and schools.

As reported by the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA), approximately 3 million people worldwide purchased drones in 2017. As the usage of drones becomes increasingly prominent, so too is its misuse, which has led to the collaboration of AT&T and Dedrone to help protect against this problem.

hobbyking at&t malicious drone This is not the first time AT&T has worked on developing and utilizing drone technology. The company started working with drones a few years ago when they began to use drones for tower inspections, as well as to improve connectivity at large events or major disasters for first responders and other consumers.

Likewise, Dedrone specializes in the field of detecting drones including commercial drones, autonomous, consumer and military-grade drones. The technology they use as an airspace security platform is known as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and LTE connectivity. Ultimately, this acts as a safeguard in detecting drone-based threats. Since creating this technology in 2014, the company worked with correctional facilities and similar organisations to help protect their airspace from malicious drones.

malicious drones hobbyking One of the greatest benefits with this technology is that it is able to act as an early detection point when there is a present threat. As a result, it can quickly, more efficiently alert the relevant authorities to the threat and better protect the public from the threat of malicious drones.

In a statement made to the press, the Vice President and General Manager of Smart Cities, AT&T, Michael Zeto stressed the importance of both cybersecurity and physical security in protecting an entire ecosystem. Zeto added “ Malicious drones pose an aerial threat for the community, for businesses and for the people that live and work there. With Dedrone, we’re helping to protect customers and citizens from this type of risk.”

While public safety is paramount, one has to question the kind of risks that the misuse of drones poses in the first place? Tell us what you think in the comment box below.


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