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Police Armed with ‘Anti-Drone’ Guns for Sporting Events

So if you have ever read anything on the HobbyKing News page you’d know that governments are constantly trying to crack down on drone use and constantly trying to enforce no-fly zones. Now the Queensland Police may have found a solution to this.

With crowds gathering from across the globe to attend the highly anticipated Commonwealth Games in Queensland next month, police are eager to try to ensure the safety of the public – both on the ground and in the air. Reasonably, they have implemented a no drone rule. Despite this, it is predicted that the use of drones will escalate significantly in the Sunshine State around this time. To combat this issue, police will be armed with ‘anti-drone’ guns.

hobbyking droneshield The guns, which were produced by Sydney-based security company DroneShield, uses a special technology to disable the use of drones and bring them down by interfering the signal between the operator and its drone.

The company’s chairman, Peter James told the Gold Coast Bulletin that the drones will either “…. take control of the GPS and either cut it so the drone doesn’t know where it is or it will take control of the GPS and send it back where it came from.” The Deputy Commissioner Steve Follschewski added in a press conference that the Police Force will be “able to take down that operator and refer the matter to CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for breaches committed by that person operating that unmanned aerial vehicle”.

It’s not the first time that similar devices have been used to protect large crowds. These DroneGuns have been used in the United States for the Boston Marathon, as well as the Ironman World Championship in 2017.

Queensland police are urging patrons, who are attending the Commonwealth Games, to “leave your drone at home”.

Do you think this is a good strategy for authorities to enforce no-fly zones?

Written by Rebecca


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