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DJI & GoPro Among Those In Alliance for Drone Innovation

With rules and regulations surrounding drone safety and its use constantly changing, it is forcing manufacturing and distribution companies of drones to become wary of its effects. This has lead to a group of industry-leading companies announcing that they will come together to form what is known as Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI). The idea for this alliance is to be a ‘leading policy voice for manufacturers, suppliers, and software developers of professional and personal drones’. Among the alliance members are drone manufacturing giant DJI, as well as GoPro, FatShark and more.

HobbyKing Alliance for Drone Innovation The mission statement for the alliance outlines the important benefits of drone operations, both economically and socially, and thus preserving drone innovation is their primary goal. While maintaining drone innovation is at the forefront of the project, it is important to note that the project is also about ensuring public safety when using drones. “By highlighting innovation and emphasizing education, we work with policymakers to ensure drones continue to be safely integrated into the national airspace.”

The group has stressed the importance of key players in the industry to help provide policymakers with vital information they need to create a safe environment for flying. So ADI’s influence is speculated to have a significant impact on the industry, as it will allow for a more balanced regulatory framework which will involve all stakeholders.

ADI Executive Director, Jenny Rosenberg, said: “We look forward to working with Congress, the administration, and other stakeholders on policies that promote innovation and allow the drone market to flourish in a responsible and safe manner.”

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