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A Sound System For Your Model RC Aircraft

I recently started building a 2.4m balsa, SR-9 Stinson reliant and almost without warning I was bitten by the scale bug. Before you know it you’re adding details here and there and getting a little carried away.I started wondering what would be required to add a sound system to a plane and ultimately, adding that next level of detail.

I have used two systems…

HobbyKing Fixed Wing Aircraft Sound Module

The system includes a small speaker and soundboard, that needs to be in an open area, where the sound can escape and not be muffled by the model in anyway. The soundboard comes pre-programmed with the engine sound along with the startup and shutdown sequence. When you throttle up for the first time, you hear the sound of the engines turning over. I tested this system in the air and my only wish is that it was a little louder. Great price point, easy installation, easy to use and I can’t wait to hack the module and make it better.

The MR RC Sound module

The system includes a small but very powerful soundboard, audio amplifier, transducer as opposed to a speaker. The soundboard has programmed into it 8 different genuine engines sounds to choose from along with the startup and shutdown sequence. When you throttle up you hear the sound of the engines turning over. An additional sound includes gunfire and this can be set up on a separate channel. You can also obtain a bass transducer for this system and I tested this system. I can tell you right now that it is extremely convincing in the air. Not too loud and not too soft, goldilocks zone if you will. The system is pricey but it will outlast the airframe and can be placed into the next model.

The ASPIRE is an improvement over previous version with better sound rendering from idle to high RPM. Real recordings make for a breakthrough in realism but the features don’t end there. A built-in accelerometer detects dives, hard turns and pull out’s that triggers the automatic whistle so there is no need to have an extra channel for that iconic P-51 Mustang whistle. Random chatter and sounds like air traffic control, pilot chatter “enemy, 10 o’clock high!!!”, guns, bombs, the list goes on. Combining all this you’ll get richer and fuller tones, real sounds and for the first time real prop noise and it’s much louder than the V4.1.

With two boards connected on top of one another (the bottom board containing the CPU with all input and sound processing and the upper board for power and amplification) offers a clean and tidy configuration resulting in a super easy set up with no soldering required. This new design also allows for greater protection of components in the event of a crash.

The installation of the Aspire is as simple as the hobbyking sound system. Either a Y lead or a spare channel on your receiver mapped to your throttle channel.

So, what are you waiting for! Add a bit of realism today with the greatest of ease.

Written by gozerian


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