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Coming Soon: HobbyKing to release 3Racing The Crawler EX

The ever-popular 3racing have just announced that they will be releasing a new product The Crawler EX, which will be available to purchase from HobbyKing as soon as it is released. According to the company, their new offering in the form of the Crawler EX will be highly detailed and realistic. The kit has a 1.4mm thick C-Channel metal frame with M7 metal linkages, meaning this vehicle will be quite strong and durable.

It is set up like many crawler designs, with a front motor and easily adjustable 2-speed gearbox. This will not only keep the weight uphill, which is perfect for climbing up steep slopes but having the CG at the front of the model allows more room to customise the interior designs and have a higher CG body.

The crawler also features metal bevel gears with a metal solid axle, knuckles, and the upper linkage increases ground clearance, which will allow the model to tackle even the most challenging tracks.

3racing shared some information about their new model, saying that it will include many refined adjustable settings including wheelbase, camber and battery tray “for the best performance in different terrains”.

Wheelbase 275mm (Note: this can be modified from 255mm ~ 325mm)
Width 205mm
Gear Ratio 1ST SHIFT 2.6:1 | 2ND SHIFT 1.69:1
Ground Clearance (Mid-Point) 69mm
Ground Clearance (Front Diff) 32mm
Extra Features: All-Wheel Drive


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