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2018: A Year In Review

It’s been a mammoth year for the entire hobby industry including at HobbyKing. HobbyKing recently announced the appointment of their new CEO Toby Osmond. Osmond, who has been with the company for close to 8 years, is a lifelong hobbyist with an extensive background in the RC industry. In a recent facebook live event, he answered questions about what’s new at HobbyKing and what changes you can expect in the new year. In case you missed it, you can catch up on it below.

To wrap up the year he has a very special message to share in a review of the year that was. Read his statement below.

“What a year! Thank you so much for your support and patience during 2018. As we look back at our achievements, I’d like to share some HobbyKing favourites with you.

Firstly, our successful HobbyKing Live events. It was amazing to travel the globe and spend time with so many passionate pilots. Seeing the community share their love of RC was really moving and I hope to expand these events in future.

Secondly, a special congratulations Rudi Browning. Rudi is part of our Drone Racing Team and won the FAI Drone Racing World Championship in Shenzen China. It’s fantastic to see HobbyKing batteries proving themselves on an international level again. Our pilots have won the past three Drone Racing World Championships and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Lastly, this year HobbyKing achieved 24-hour dispatch on 96% of orders. This means that 96% of our parcels are picked and packed within 24 hours of you clicking the confirmation button. This is something we really wanted to achieve in order to take HobbyKing to the next level. Next year we’ll be aiming for 100%.

Honourable mentions include our New York Customer Service Team for helping hundreds of thousands of customers. Also, our new website, the release of the long-awaited Grand Tundra, Avios Spitfire, Graphene Panther batteries and the special pre-release of the AVIOS C-130. I look forward to 2019 as HobbyKing will be building on these successes with even better service and more interesting products.

We at HobbyKing, wish everyone a wonderful holiday and thank you for your loyalty over the past 10 years.

Toby Osmond
(HobbyKing CEO)”


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