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Review: Durafly T-28 Trojan Naval Aviation


The newly released T-28 Naval from Durafly isn’t a new model design, but it does sport a lively new US Navy colour scheme. Its predecessor has been through a lot with me since I got my hands on it back in May 2017 so I was keen to get the new one to replace it when it’s finally retired.
That yellow version made it easy to spot on the ground and in the air and that huge bubble canopy and integrated FPV camera mount made it the ideal warbird to pop a camera inside and get a ‘pilots’ eye view of what the inside of a T-28 looked like flying.

Continue reading Review: Durafly T-28 Trojan Naval Aviation

HP Announces 3D Printing for Mass Production

HP had recently announced the new HP Metal Jet at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018. HP Metal Jet is a manufacturing technology that will allow mass production of metal parts which is significantly faster and cheaper to make than other 3D printing methods. HP have labelled as being ‘50x more productive’.

Of the new development in 3D technology, HP says that it “will drive the digital transformation of manufacturing with a 3D printing ecosystem…” with the main purpose being to “…deliver end-to-end productivity and economy.”

The new HP Metal Jet boasts features like being able to produce multiple parts at the same time. Additionally, it can build larger parts in a powder bed 430 x 320 x 200 mm (16.9 x 12.6 x 7.9 in). According to their website, the new Metal Jet technology can ‘precisely place up to 630 million nanogram-sized drops per second of the liquid binding agent onto a powder bed to define a part’s cross-section layer by layer.’

hp metal jet Some of the customers who are already placing orders for this new technology include Volkswagen and Wilo, as well as Primo Medical Group and OKAY Industries. A spokesperson for Volkswagen says that some of the biggest benefits with using HP Metal Jet are that it can produce without manufacturing tools beforehand thus it reduces the cycles of part production.

Starting next year, HP will begin to allow manufacturers to upload 3D Design files, which will then by mass produced with Parmatech and GKN. However, the printers themselves will not be available until 2021.

Watch the announcement of the new product below.

Forget Trees, Now Drones Can Provide Shade!

In a new research project, called Cyber-Physical Macro Material, conducted by the University of Stuttgart, researchers have created what is known as a ‘live’ shapeshifting canopy which uses drones to keep people in the shade. As the sun moves through the sky, the drones ‘actively rebuild itself’ by changing its configuration to constantly ensure that it is providing adequate shade. Continue reading Forget Trees, Now Drones Can Provide Shade!

Do I Need to Discharge LIPO Batteries for Storage?

To answer this question we discuss basics LIPO batteries and the reasons for discharging batteries after use.

If you have been in this hobby for any length of time your first rechargeable battery was either a NiCad or NiMH battery. Continue reading Do I Need to Discharge LIPO Batteries for Storage?

Want to try FPV?


First Person View (FPV) is now the most popular way for pilots to fly the majority of multirotor and fixed wing ‘drones’. The cost of a camera, video transmitter and some entry level goggles or FPV screen is now so low that many traditional Line of sight (LOS) pilots have tried it for themselves and become hooked. Continue reading Want to try FPV?

Drone Valley: The Drone Capital of the World

Silicon Valley, located in the Southern San Franciso Bay Area, is renowned as the tech capital of the world. A hub for tech startups and tech giants alike. Google, Apple and Facebook are among those that reside in Silicon Valley. With drone innovation becoming a rapidly growing industry, a team of drone researchers in Switzerland have created their own innovative hub, known as ‘Drone Valley’. Continue reading Drone Valley: The Drone Capital of the World

Durafly T-28 1100mm – Naval Aviation Centennial Edition

Durafly are known for making stunning looking scale RC aircraft as well as some of the best flying sports planes around. I feel they always go to the next level and are never afraid to add extra detail or push boundary’s when it comes to new colour schemes. Continue reading Durafly T-28 1100mm – Naval Aviation Centennial Edition

Bixler 1.1: Excellent Beginner Plane

The humble Bixler has been around for a long time and it’s no doubt helped tens of thousands of people to take to the skies and the newly released Bixler 1.1 is no exception to that.

The Bixler is well known as one of the best gliders on the market today. Although I love warbirds and larger scale planes I still have a Bixler. Continue reading Bixler 1.1: Excellent Beginner Plane

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